Saturday, August 29, 2015

A New School Year 2015

Well, we survived the first week back to school.


Our schedule is incredibly crazy this year and it will take all hands on deck to get through it.  This year, I'm back to attending classes on campus so we are all having to adjust to me not being home as much.  This is where my organizational skills will be kicked into high gear to make sure we are always where we need to be, appointments are made and kept, housework gets done, and we can proudly proclaim at the end of the school year "I SURVIVED!" lol

Kaitlyn started 6th grade and so far enjoys her three teachers.  Preston started 4th grade and also changes classes midday.  It's something new the district is doing and 4th grade is being departmentalized.  Preston now has two teachers and they each teach two different subjects.  I think this will be very beneficial for students and teachers.  Happily, I get to be the Room Mom for one more year.  I am classified as a college junior, however, I'm working on the core curriculum for my degree plan and am in a lot of freshmen classes.  I'm taking 4 classes which equals to 8 hours:  Psychology, Biology Lecture, Biology Lab, and Music and Wellness. 

We all started school on Monday.  Thankfully, I was still able to go with Craig and take the kids to their schools before heading off to mine.  I got up early and made strawberry muffies for breakfast.

Here are the kiddos, looking so grown up!  Sniff.

We all came home to a special after school treat that Craig picked up for us as a surprise at a local cupcakery.  They were delicious!!!

 Vanilla with almond buttercream
 Strawberry with strawberry buttercream
Chocolate with peanut butter buttercream

We chose a steak dinner for our Back to School meal and Craig cooked everything.  It was fabulous! 

We did not eat all of this!  

Craig also made some homemade fudge brownies.  We each had a very small piece since we were so full from everything else.

I have to say, this week could not have gone as smoothly if it weren't for Craig.  Work schedules, school schedules, baseball practices, and art class had to be sorted out between the two drivers in the family and Craig did a lot more chauffeuring than usual.  He also cleaned, did laundry, made breakfast, made dinners, and on and on and on.  All of this was on top of the usual things he does, including his 50-60 hour work week.  He has been nothing but supportive with my decision to go back to school and knew it would be challenging at times.  However, Craig has never complained and when I keep wondering why I made this decision, he is the one to always give me the encouragement I need.  I could not be more thankful.

So, we are taking this semester one week at a time and know that it's just for a season.  Needless to say, we can't wait for Christmas break!

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