Saturday, October 24, 2015

Planned Chaos



The two go hand in hand.  It seems life has been nothing but chaotic since school started this year.  Not necessarily a messy chaos, but a planned chaos.

Our calendar is full with something planned almost every single night.  Our weekends are full with something planned at least one, if not both of the days.  And there has been more than one occasion when this planned chaotic life has gotten to me emotionally or contributed to my anxieties.

However, it's OUR life.  It is the life that has been given to us by the great Planner.  It is the life that we are glad to live, chaotic or not.

Recently, a lot of anxiety has been brought upon me due to many personal decisions that need to be made.  My thoughts have become scattered.  My words have become lost.  But my love for my husband has become greater.

As I brought all these anxieties and worries to Craig's attention, rather than sit there and worry along with me, he gave me the simple answers and words I wanted and needed to hear.  He understands my growing concerns and always has something encouraging to say.

Yesterday, I actually had a few hours to myself.  I was able to catch up on a lot of mundane tasks.  It was in those quiet moments that I had a heart to heart conversation with God.  I was able to thank Him for all that He has given me and all that He has put in my care.  I gave to Him my anxieties and worries and I know He has heard my cry. 

Now, I simply wait for the clear answers to come.  I will continue to thank God for this planned chaotic life.  My calendar will remain full, whether it is with coffee dates with friends or school events for the kids.  And I will appreciate and love every single day of it.

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