Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fall Ball 2015

Fall ball was literally a whole new ballgame for us (pun intended).  After trying out four other times for Elite baseball, Preston finally made the team on his fifth try.  Seriously, this kid does not give up when he has a goal in mind. 

His team, the Keller Panthers, is considered a AA team playing mostly under TEBA guidelines (baseball parents will know what all this means).  This is the first season for kid pitch which was quite an adjustment for everyone.  They also learned to steal, bunt, and team signals.  The first few games seemed long and boring.  Once the team started really working together and improving their skills, the games got more exciting. 

Here are some highlights of Preston, thanks to Mrs. Jennifer!!! 

Preston played mostly short stop, third base (he has an amazing throw to first base), and center field (where he caught a lot of pop flies!).  He was able to pitch a couple times and really wants to do it more.  His sliding into base was not the best at first.  However, he improved so much that he now has holes in all of his baseball pants. 
As always, we are sad the season is over and actually have quite a long break until Spring season starts.  We've been pretty much playing ball since March and will have to find something to do with our time. Haha! But it was fun and we love all the new families and friends we made. 

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