Friday, September 2, 2016

School Goals

The new school year is in full swing for the 3 of us.  We are already super busy and tired!!!!  In fact, I have to write out our daily schedules and keep it where everyone can see to help keep track of our comings and goings.  Oh, how we are missing those lazy summer days already.  But, we are ready to take on this school year and the new changes it will bring.

This is currently written on the chalkboard
in our kitchen-it's a great daily reminder!

Preston started 5th grade at a new school this year.  Intermediate schools house 5th and 6th grades in our school district.  He transfers to three different teachers which gives him a taste of what's to come in middle school.  He officially has his own locker and hopefully will never come home and say he had to get his lock cut off because he forgot the combination!  I think the new responsibilities of this year will be good for him.  Preston is actually enjoying school so far.

First Day of 5th Grade

We have a middle schooler!!!  Kaitlyn is also at a new school and is busy, busy.  She has 8 classes, including 2 pre-AP classes.  She is in Athletics and comes home all the time complaining of sore muscles.  Hehe!  She was also accepted into the AVID program which helps prepare for college, even at this age.  She's quickly learning homework will take a little bit more time than before, but she still loves it.

First Day of 7th Grade

I left these notes in the kids' lunchboxes on the first day of school. 

Then, they came home to special gifts and some pumpkin pie (per request) for their special after school treat.

I started a week later and am officially a full-time college student carrying a full load (13 credit hours).  I am taking 9 classes and they're strictly all music classes of some sort.  Studying music is a whole different type of studying.  You can't just read something in a book, memorize it, test on it, and then forget about it.  You have to learn it, let it be engrained in you, constantly practice, and keep it in your brain forever.  Then, keep adding to it.  It is HARD!!!  

My new home away from home

Let me just say my first day was awful.  AWFUL!!!!  Between course changes, classroom changes, textbook issues, etc., it just left me so frustrated and ready to cry.  It gradually got better as the week went on, but I am so, so thankful for the weekend.  And I am beyond exhausted.  Only 15 more weeks to go of the semester!  I cannot say how much it means to have the support of my husband.  He was very encouraging when it came time to quit working and he wants me to solely concentrate on school and just do what I need to do to graduate (however long that takes).

First day of full-time college (again!)

We will take this school year a week at a time, sometimes a day at a time, and just let God continue to guide us through this new journey.

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