Wednesday, December 28, 2016


2016 was the Year of Goals for us.  We wrote down a goal list at the beginning of the year.  Then, one by one we were able to check off those goals.  We give thanks to God for allowing each goal to be met and guiding us along the way. 

In January, we became members of a church that we were hesitant to join.  Not because we didn't like the church or the people.  Simply because we weren't 100% sure that is where God wanted us.  However, the day we were to attend Membership Class, God spoke to us in a BIG way!!!  It was immediately obvious to Craig and I what we should do and we joined without anymore hesitation.

In March, Craig received a promotion that he had been praying about for 2 years!!!  It was a joyful day when he heard that news.  His store is about 30 minutes away and is also where he worked years ago as a co-manager.  He's come full circle!

In July, I was able to quit my job as a preschool music teacher.  I dearly loved being around those kiddos and hearing their wonderful stories.  But, God was calling me to do something else. 

At the beginning of August, we enjoyed an amazing family vacation to Disneyworld!!!  Everyone should experience it at least once.  We ended the vacation at my favorite place, Gulf Shores, Alabama.  It was so incredibly peaceful and relaxing. 

At the end of August, we all started back to school.  Kaitlyn started middle school.  Preston started intermediate school.  I am now a full-time music major at my university.  It took a little bit of an adjustment for all of us and our crazy schedules, but we got it under control.  We are very much enjoying our winter break!

Also in August (it was a busy month!), Preston's team became a Select baseball team.  Preston had dreamed about being on a Select team for years!  He is the King of Perseverance.  However, it was short-lived and Preston is no longer part of that team.  I know if he really wants to play on a Select team again, it will happen.  He doesn't give up.  We will just pray that the right people come into his life to coach him, encourage him, and help him reach his baseball goals.  We are fully trusting God on this.

I will admit the last couple months seems like 2016 was smacking us in the face with different issues that would arise.  But we believe God is preparing us for next year and all that He has been telling us already.  Overall, this year has been good for us.  We were amazed at all God has done as all of these goals came to fruition.  We remained faithful and persistent in our prayers and obedience to God. 

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