Friday, May 19, 2017

My College Life: What I've Learned This Year

Another semester done!!! 

This was my second full-time semester as a music major.  And boy, was it super hard!  I took 12 hours, but for a music degree, that is equivalent to about 20 classes.  Okay, not really, but it was a lot.  Plus, there are lots of requirements outside of classes. 

I learned so many instruments and techniques and was constantly practicing.  I'm a guitarist now, y'all!!!  However, I do not feel like I excel at any one instrument.  I definitely feel like I'm just an average musician.

I learned a lot about music, but what I learned even more was how to be more giving and more compassionate.  In a world full of hate and hurt, I wanted to show the opposite.  I wanted to show love and caring.  I encouraged my friends, I gave when the need arose, and I listened anytime someone needed to talk.  Hence, I earned the nickname "Mom".

I absolutely love my college friends.  I have met some insanely talented and unique individuals and am so glad they have become part of my life. Our music theory class was incredibly hard and, at times, frustrating, and we all suffered together, but that class dynamic was fun and made it bearable. 

I learned how to juggle an insanely busy schedule.  Not just mine, but my husband's schedule and my kids busy schedules.  I was the keeper of the calendar.  Craig dubbed me as his "personal secretary".  We had no idea what was in store for us these past few months.  It has been nothing but excitement and chaos all at once. 

But, I made it.  I supported my husband through his biggest career moments.  I supported my daughter through her new journey as a volleyball player.  I supported my son through his baseball journey on a new team with new coaches and new friends.  And I maintained my 4.0 GPA.   I tell you this, not to gloat, but to simply encourage.  There were many moments of tears and second guessing my decisions.  There were struggles and feelings of not having enough time in each day.  There were the thoughts of wondering if I was doing enough as a wife and mother.  I know I'm not alone in these feelings. 

So, I just fervently prayed. 

Every. Single. Day.

God guided me through these months.  He brought me peace in the midst of chaos.  He lifted me up in my moments of feeling down. 

Don't give up on your dream.  Try not to feel overwhelmed.  Keep fighting through those struggles and remember it will all be worth it someday. 

I know if I can do it, anyone can do it. 

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