Saturday, June 3, 2017

Project New Kroger

It's been just over a month since Craig opened his own Kroger.  I had this long blog all typed out, detailing the moments of Craig's recent promotion to the store opening.  But I deleted it.  I'm sure not everyone wants to know that much detail about our lives.  So, I'll just touch on a few important moments.

I remember very well standing in line at Target during the day and getting a phone call from him.  He doesn't call very often when he is at work because he is always super busy.  He asked me if I was sitting down. Haha!!!  When he told me he was receiving another promotion and opening a new store, I was in shock and I was so excited for him.  Then he told me he was receiving another raise and I actually got weak in the knees at that point and was very near tears.  We had recently been in prayer about some things and was stepping out in faith and obedience.  God does indeed reward his servants.
Thus began an amazing 6 weeks of watching a store go from nothing into a highly profitable business.


The first big event was the Open House for associates and their families.  Craig has over 300 people working for him and he's still learning names.  :)  He planned a great night for everyone that included so many samples, scavenger hunts, and raffles.  I just remember walking in that night, seeing everything in place and my eyes filling up with tears.  It had come a long ways in a short amount of time and it looked so good.  I met several of his associates that were so excited to be working for him and getting the opportunity to be at that store. 

The kids and I stopped by the evening before the store opened.  It was really cool to be in the store before any customers and just enjoy the newness of everything.

Grand Opening!!!  The kids got to miss school that day since it was a pretty big deal for our family.  You could feel the excitement in the air, there were corporate bosses EVERYWHERE, and Craig was filled with emotion. 

The doors opened promptly at 8 am and I have never seen so many people excited to do their grocery shopping!  The first customer was even filming as he walked through the doors. LOL  The people just kept coming and coming and coming.  So many people wanted to meet Craig as their new neighborhood grocery manager.  And he actually loves connecting with the people.  He likes to be on a first name basis with frequent customers.

The high school across the street sent over their cheerleaders, choir, and marching band.  The band played through the store which was really cool.

The Opening Ceremony was at 9 am and Craig was nervous because he absolutely hates having to talk in front of people.  He did such a beautiful job and brought a lot of people to tears. 


It was such an amazing day.  He is very thankful his parents and my parents were able to make this special occasion.  All of his bosses showered him with praise and told him it was his turn to shine.  I just remember looking around the store at one point and seeing God's blessings being poured out on Craig. He has worked so hard to get to this place in his career. 

Congratulations Craig!  You are our MVP!!!

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