Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Year of Growth: We Have Bloomed and Now Rest In the Son

It has been full speed ahead since the beginning of the year.  So much has been going on at all times and I just tried my best to put a leash on the hurricane that became our lives.

Finally, things are slowing down for a little bit.  School's out for the summer (que music). The bulk of baseball season is over.  Volleyball season is over.  My big volunteer commitments have ended.  The excitement surrounding Craig's store has died down and it's business as usual. 

We have been pruned.  We have been planted.  We have bloomed.

Now it is time to rest.  It's time to enjoy continued growth and warmth from the sun.

We still need the Son.

We, as a family, are going to take some much needed time away from the hustle and bustle of activities that kept us busy throughout most of the year.  We have some fun activities planned and we also are looking forward to some time to get away. 

My Facebook presence may decrease some, but you can certainly find me on Instagram (@desireelkelley).  I'll be capturing photos of our day to day, our home life, and the ability to just stop and enjoy the little things.

We are also taking this time to really pray about direction in our lives.  We want to go where God leads us.  The path may not be easy, but we are willing to take the journey.

We still need the Son.

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