Friday, July 28, 2017

Spikes and Strikes

It has been a very busy sports season for us.  We just ended baseball two weeks ago and had tryouts the following week.  This time we had volleyball to add to our schedule and it was so fun to see Kaitlyn try something new.

Kaitlyn joined a local rec team.  There were some things we did not like about the organization and some things that were good.  Overall, it was a nice experience for her.

Blurry action pic

Her team made it to the semi-finals, which was pretty cool.  I must say, I know nothing about sports (except baseball, duh), so I was having to learn a bunch of new rules.

Kaitlyn recently went to volleyball camp at the local high school and practiced lots of drills.  Hopefully, it will help prepare her for volleyball tryouts in a few weeks. 

Preston's baseball season was a little different this year.  First, he joined a new team.  The coaches, parents, and kids are fabulous.  They are such great people and welcomed us with open arms.  The coaches were incredibly encouraging and believed in developing the player and not just going after the wins.  Preston had a lot of fun on this team and quickly made new friends.

Those faces!!!
Preston also went to baseball camp at the high school and had a great time.

At the end of the season with his regular team, Preston was asked to fill in for another team during the AAYBA World Series!!!!  He was so excited to be given this chance.  It was a week long event that started with a full day of exhibitions, pin trading, and tailgating.  This team was just as fabulous and we knew many of the families.  Preston played in every game (6 games in 5 days) and even got to pitch during the championship game (I was pacing the entire time!).  It was an amazing week and ended with an amazing 1st place finish in our bracket. 

Not only did Preston start the season with a new team and end the season with another team, he did a great job at tryouts and will be joining another Select team next season.  We know we will be with them for a whole year so no more transitioning for awhile.

It's been a great season of sports and we are so proud of our kids for wanting to be involved in a team activity, build new friendships, and better themselves as a person.  We can't wait for the fall!

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