Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Turned 30!!!

I turned 30 this year! It's a huge milestone. I did not shy away from it. In fact, I decided to embrace it by having an 80's-themed birthday party. The birthday festivities lasted all weekend.

First, Craig got me a couple little gifts: a peridot (my birthstone) ring and a blue topaz (his birthstone) ring. They are so beautiful!!!

Saturday was the party. I really had to limit my guest list to those that I am closest to and have actually spent a lot of time with them. We went all out with streamers and balloons everywhere, a candy buffet, 80's music blasting, Name That Tune, tons of food, and a costume contest. I did not post my friends pictures for the sake of their privacy. But here are some other pics from the party.
My parents and sister came from out of town to help with the party. I had my mom bring some "cute" pics of me from when I was growing up in the 80's (but really, how "cute" are pics of little kids in awful outfits?!) I had them laid out on one of the tables.

Here is one of the candy buffet tables. There were candy cigarettes (a huge hit-no pun intended), Smarties, Kool-aid, Nerds, wax bottles, and gummi bears.

My friend Amy Armstrong from http://www.sugarexpressions.com/ made the cake. I sent her a picture of a cake I liked on the internet and she duplicated it exactly! The top layer was oreo cake with vanilla buttercream and the bottom layer was vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream. It was so delicious!

Here is the other candy buffet table with Reese's Pieces, candy bracelets, Sugar Daddy's, Pixie Stix, Pop Rocks, and Fun Dip.

Another view of the cake. The glove was made of edible glitter!

Craig actually grew his hair out for awhile just for the party. He really wanted that puffy look. This is hair naturally before he fixes it. Most people at the party thought he was wearing a wig or toupee. Nope, it's all real (he's already gotten a haircut).

The gnarliest looking family around! My parents, brother Marc, sister Dominique, and Craig and I.

I was so exhausted after the party and the exhaustion continued the next day. It was so much fun and every person that came was dressed up. The party actually ended early because we all had to be at church the next day. I love friends that can worship alongside me, pray with me, and then dress up in hideous outfits with me!!!

Tonight is my traditional birthday dinner at Olive Garden. I think the 30's will be a great decade.

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