Friday, August 13, 2010

The New Age

Our family plans ahead. Way ahead. So Kaitlyn has been telling us what she wants for Christmas already. A cell phone. A cell phone?! Why does she want a cell phone for Christmas? According to her, it's so she can text.

Now, I have no idea who she is going to text. I don't know of any other 6 yr olds that she can text. I would find it awfully weird to receive a text from her too. When would she text since we're almost always together? Would it be during church? "Mommy du yu haf ofring fur me?" Would she do it after school while waiting in the car pool lane? "Mommy whar are yu? I'm hot!" Since she spells the way words sound to her, that's probably what the texts would look like. However, I know that's also how a lot of teenagers and some adults text also.

It's amazing the new gadgets that are out there now and how much kids actually pay attention to it. When I was her age, I was asking for a Cabbage Patch Doll. Cordless phones were not yet invented. In fact, rotary phones were still widely in use.

The other day I went to a consignment store to look for some 80's memorabilia. I found some used cassette tapes that I wanted to purchase. When I got to the counter, the young cashier dropped one of the tapes (I think it was Bobby Brown!). I watched him try to put the tape back in the case and he had no idea how to do it! Man, did I feel so old.

I guess we just need to go with the times and try to stay as up-to-date as possible with all the new technology. However, our family is always the last to get the latest thing. So, by the time we get something "new" it's already "old".

One thing we know for sure, Kaitlyn will NOT be receiving a cell phone this Christmas.

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