Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher-1st Grade

Back to school activities are well under way. Tonight was Meet the Teacher at Kaitlyn's school. We met her 1st grade teacher and she seems very nice. We found where she will be sitting and she has all of her school supplies labeled and ready to go. We found out one of her friends from church will be in the same class with her too!

I signed up for the PTA and got a free cookbook (yay for new recipes!!!). In fact, I signed up for just about all the volunteer positions that I could. I hope to have a very busy schedule this next school year.

Kaitlyn saw some of her friends from Kindergarten. Unfortunately, her class got split up since there are six 1st grade classes. However, I'm sure she will still see them at school and will not have a problem making new friends.

So, we've gotten haircuts, new school clothes, and met the teacher. We're ready for the first day of school.

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  1. I always love meet the teacher! The classroom is clean, they have made it their own, school supplies is new and the teacher is in a amazing mood. But with all that comes the first day of school and that is always sad to me. It means it is one year closer to them leaving the nest. Chloe says hello to all.


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