Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Decorating

It's finally Spring and time for some new crafts at the Kelley house. The kids decorated their own eggs made from white cardstock. I attempted a 3D egg I saw on It's pretty but so time consuming. The kids tried to accordion fold the paper, but they weren't interested in it. The egg is supposed to be hung from something, but I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with this.
I also made a "Spring/Easter" wreath. This was the most time consuming project ever! I'm noticing a pattern on the projects I pick out. I originally saw a heart shaped wreath made of red felt circles on It was very pretty so I thought I would try my own variation and make one for Spring. It took forever!!!!

I picked out 5 different "Spring" colors in felt sheets and bought several sheets of each (4/$1 at Hobby Lobby). Then, I cut out about a million 3" circles from the sheets. Fold the circles in half and then fold again. Get a straight pin and poke it through the corner of the circle. Pin it to a foam wreath. Repeat over and over and over...

Here's a closer look. I just fluffed out the circles a little to give it a "full" effect. I pinned a ribbon to the back to hang it to my door. It's a very simple project but takes time. I like how it turned out. Perhaps I'll forget how long it took and make the heart wreath for Valentine's next year. :)

For a final "Spring" touch, I added some heirloom ceramics to some fake Easter grass and placed it on my dining room table. These ceramics were made by Craig's great-grandma many, many years ago.

The decorating is done and now it's time for some Spring events. We'll keep you posted.

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