Sunday, August 21, 2011

A New Book

I always think of Life's Journey as a series of books. Each book may contain tons of chapters, some happy, some sad. And some of the books may end surprisingly, with a cliffhanger.

I feel as though we are starting a whole new book right now. The last book has come to an end and life is in the midst of clutter until the new book begins.

How does the new book start? So far, it is very bittersweet. There is a sadness that has been floating around our house. But there's also an eager anticipation for the great things that are to come.

Chapter 1 starts tomorrow with the First Day of School. How will the kids do? Will they immediately make new friends? What will Mommy and Daddy do now that both kids are in school?

So many questions to be answered, so many answers to be questioned.

With the beginning of each book is a dedication. Of course, this book is dedicated to God. The One who has guided us through our series so far. The One who has heard our cries of pain when our journey has seemed at a standstill. But God doesn't have writer's block. It just simply wasn't the time to finish that chapter yet. He is also the One who has heard our cries of joy when a chapter was completed in just the perfect way it was intended.

So with this new book, dedicated to God, we bittersweetly anticipate what stories will unfold, what chapters will begin and end, and what new characters may be introduced.

Happy Reading!

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