Monday, August 8, 2011

Staycation: Part 1

After a very long couple of weeks, we were ready for a much needed vacation. However, we did manage to stay so busy every day, that our Staycation requires 2 posts!

Saturday morning, we headed to Abilene by 9 am for my niece and nephew's joint bday party. Yes, we were completely exhausted from VBS, but we didn't want to miss the festivities.

As soon as we arrived, Craig and the kids changed into swimsuits and joined the fun on the water slide.

The other guys chilled in the pool.

My mom and sister made this cute Hello Kitty cookies.

The kids sat around the coffee table to eat lunch.

First, my niece blew out her candles on her Hello Kitty cake. Then, my nephew blew out the candles on his Green Lantern cake. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get his picture blowing out the candles.

The next morning, we went with my family to the Salvation Army church that they are currently attending. My sister led Praise and Worship and somehow I got coerced into playing piano as well. We had a big brisket lunch, played games, then headed back home.

Monday was our designated "Pajama Day". We took it easy and just enjoyed relaxing. Preston was so tired that he voluntarily laid down on the couch around 11 am and took a 30 minute nap!

On Tuesday, we made a trip to the Planetarium. The kids had never been and it's very inexpensive, so we thought we'd try it. We arrived a little early before our showing so we went into the gift shop. The Planetarium is connected to the large Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History and IMAX theater. Inside the gift shop was a gigantic dinosaur with a slide going through it. It was pretty cool!

Here comes Preston!

And here comes Kaitlyn!

Finally, it was time to go see our show "The Texas Night Sky". These props were hanging in the lobby.

The kids wanted to pose with the dinosaur statues on the way out.

Of course, later that day was when things turned very somber and we made the decision to put our dog to sleep. You can read that blog post here.

As sad as we were, we knew we had a busy week ahead to keep our spirits lifted. Stay tuned...

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