Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Falling For Fun All Weekend Long!!!

What a busy weekend! Saturday started off with a friends birthday party, lunch with Craig at his new store, lots of errands, and then finally having a Hocus Pocus Party.

The Hocus Pocus Party only had 3 guests: me, Kaitlyn, and Preston. We always watch that movie when it comes on around Halloween time. Last year, we had a Wizard of Oz party on Halloween so this year we had a party around Hocus Pocus. I planned it at the last minute, but thought it would be something fun for us to do.

We started with a Jack-O-Lantern pizza from our local pizza place.

I also bought a foam haunted house kit from Michael's for $3.

Kaitlyn read the instructions and they did a great job putting together the house.

Here's the finished product. Now, be warned. It's inexpensive and looks so pretty, but it doesn't say glitter will be everywhere!

Time for the movie! I'm actually a huge Bette Midler fan so that's another reason I like this movie. Plus, she sings "I Put A Spell On You" in the movie. Looovvveee her voice!

While the kids were making the haunted house, I got some Pillsbury Sugar Cookie squares and stuck them in the oven to bake. They were cooled by the time the movie started so the kids could decorate them. Notice Kaitlyn is watching the movie while spreading on the icing?

Here are the edible masterpieces. Can you guess who used the orange icing?

While that was going on, I also had to get ready for the next day. Our church was having a big tailgate party after service. This is the 4th year doing it and it's a great time of fun, food, and fellowship. We have a big piece of land next to our building so we use that for all our activities. I was part of a large tailgate group so I made 2 batches of Rice Krispy Treats. Look at those marshmallows melting away!

This picture is to show how wide the field is with tents lined up on the far side.

This is just one of the tables of food at our tailgate.

There's always a Pass, Punt, Kick competition in the different age groups. Craig loves participating. Yes, he's in his Longhorn shirt and cap.

Afterwards, we helped set up for the Fall Fest that was happening the next night (I said it was a busy weekend). Halloween day was a super busy day for us too. The kids had school, then came home and put on costumes, took Kaitlyn to her art lesson, then went straight to the Fall Fest at our church. Batgirl and Batman came along with me.

There were tons of fun games like this giant bowling set.

This was a fun fishing game. The "fish" actually scared a couple kids. It was pretty funny though.

Here is ALC's version of Angry Birds.

Even the Chick-Fil-A cow made an appearance! His helper passed out lots of coupons.

Kaitlyn won the game of Clue in a scavenger hunt game they played. There was also a chili cook-off, concessions, a Harley Bike Riders group, photo booth, bounce house, and hay ride. Our Children's Pastor, preschool director, and their team always does an awesome job of putting it together.

Batman and Batgirl wanted to show us that superheroes can be serious too.

It was a great, tiring weekend. We have a super busy November ahead of us next. Can't wait!

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