Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We were so eager to have a week off from our busy schedule. Well, except Craig since he still had to work most of the week.

The week started off with Turkey Bowling after church service on Sunday. Families donated toilet paper to a local charity and then pizza was served before bowling with turkeys. The kids always have so much fun. They have balloon animals on their heads that our children's pastor made.

On Thursday, it was time for our annual Thanks-Christmas-Giving with the Kelley side of the family. There are 5 Kelley kids and we all gather at their parents house just north of us. It's the one time of year when the entire family is able to be together.

We had a huge meal of turkey, ham, and all the yummy sides. We also had tons of desserts, including the 2 pumpkin cheesecakes and pumpkin pie that I made. None of us were starving at the end of the day.

I decided to do something special for my mother-in-law this year. I've seen the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be great to do. I printed off a blank tree onto cardstock. Then, everyone stamped their fingerprint on the tree to look like leaves. It turned out so great and will be a nice tradition to continue every year.

Next, it was time to move away from the Thanksgiving holiday and open Christmas presents. We all got some really great things. Of course, the kids loved all their new toys.

My mother-in-law loved this cake stand that I made for her.

There are 4 nephews and 3 nieces that we have to shop for. I try to get them all similar items and usually stick with a theme. Last year, I made movie buckets. This year, I gave them all white coffee mugs with hot cocoa, mini chocolate chips, and marshmallows. On the outside of each mug, I let Kaitlyn and Preston write their cousins' names and draw a picture. They were a hit!

Ashley and Tyler

Warren, Ashley, and Tim

We also did a white elephant gift exchange (I got fingerpaints, Craig got a Texas shaped cutting board) and played games. Oh and we ate some more.

Granddad and Preston playing on the Wii

It was a great time and we loved being with the family. I really enjoyed the break from everything, but now it's back to reality.

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