Monday, December 19, 2011

Badge Time!

We are part of the Assembly of God denomination. There are classes for the children called Royal Rangers (boys) and Mpact Girls (girls). These classes are held weekly during the school year and teaches the children God's Word while earning different badges. The program starts with 2 yr olds called Sonshine Kids. Then 3 and 4 yr olds are part of Rainbows. When the children get into Kindergarten is when they are divided by gender. The program can go all the way through the high school years if desired. I was not part of an A/G church as a child so I never got to experience this program. However, Craig remembers his time in Royal Rangers and is really enjoying the program with our son.

Twice a year are the badge ceremonies. The kids get their badges, certificates, and receive special recognition for all their hard work.

The year started off kind of rough for Preston. All at once he had to go to 'big' school, try football (didn't work out, but that's another story), and then go upstairs in the Children's building to be with the older kids. He is the youngest and smallest boy in the class, actually in all his new classes. Adjusting took a lot of time, especially since Preston was used to his mama being with him ALL THE TIME! Side note: it was hard for Mama too!

Eventually, Preston got used to it and loved having his dad with him in class to help out. We worked very hard on his badges and was the only Ranger Kid to earn 2 badges this semester. He also earned 4 achievement patches that go with his badges.

Mr. Dave does a great job leading the boys every week!

As usual, Preston is stuck to the side of one of his parents!

So proud of my big boy!

Then, it was Kaitlyn's turn. This is her third year as an Mpact Girl (2nd year as a Prim), so it's no big deal for her. From the very first day, she always did great and is very independent. So far she's an Honor Rainbow (so is Preston) and Honor Daisy. This semester she earned 4 more badges. Awesome!

Kaitlyn got to hold the Mpact Girls flag as they said their pledges.

Proudly showing off her certificate.

After the ceremony, she made a snowman craft. Very cute!

I had to fish this out of her church bag.

So proud of all their accomplishments. They earn great badges and prizes while learning about God. Such great discipleship training!

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it."-Proverbs 22:6

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