Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vintage Decor

Christmas. It's the one holiday each year when someones house can be completely transformed from some festive decorations. We actually didn't put out all of our decorations this year, but I do love the few things that we brought out.

I have a gorgeous white Christmas tree in our family room that I purchased at a garage sale in fall of 2010. For $10. Yes, you read that correctly. Last year we only had black ornaments to put on the tree. This year, I finally got my topper-a black, glittery star. I love it!

You'll notice some paper chains coming off one side of the tree. Preston made those at church. He's supposed to take one chain off per day to countdown to Christmas. Well, he didn't want to mess up the chain so it's been left completely intact.

A friend of ours gave us a little pink tree with some ornaments. It's just what Kaitlyn has always wanted and it looks great in her room.

We also have two other trees that haven't changed from last year. You can read about those here.

I love the vintage, rustic Christmas look. I especially love vintage Santas. They have a classic, traditional look that makes the home feel cozy. Here are a couple of my favorite Santas that I have in my house.

He sits on top of my organ, next to a metal Christmas tree candle.

This Santa is a little smaller and stands on my buffet, next to a sleigh full of ornaments.

I also like rustic, traditional looking reindeer. These 3 metal reindeer sit in a corner of my kitchen counter.

This basket of scented pinecones ($5 at Hobby Lobby) sets on my coffee table in my formal living area. It smells so good as you walk into the house.

This is the top of my buffet. I've never decorated it like this before and I love it. The square plates were given to me as gifts over the years. The reindeer plates and mug on the right I purchased after Christmas at Hobby Lobby one year for just a few dollars. My little vintage Santa, sleigh, and ribbon Christmas tree are in the middle.

The ribbon tree I made in a couple hours last weekend. I really love it and can't wait to make more. I found the tutorial on Pinterest.

My friend gave me a couple of these ornaments last year. They have a black/white design to them. I decided to hang the from the buffet. I may keep them up all year!

Next, is our formal dining room table. The smaller red hurricanes I got on sale at Kirkland's. The taller hurricane I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby (can you tell I love that place?). Craig inherited the Christmas dishes from his grandmother. We have the entire set plus the flatware and serving pieces. We have not used them yet, but are looking forward to next Christmas.

I don't know where Craig's Grammy got the dishes, but they will always stay in our family.

This beautiful Christmas block was made by my mom (that's where I get my skills). It looks great on my long kitchen counter. Thanks Mom!

So that's just a taste of what our home looks like. My taste has definitely evolved over the years, but I think I've finally settled on a theme that we both like. It may not look perfect, but it makes our house feel like a Christmas home.

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