Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

This year, Easter fell on April 8, which was also my dad's birthday.  And not just any birthday, but the big 7-5!!!!  People are usually surprised when I tell them how old my dad is since I'm in my early (very early) 30's.  They're even more surprised when they see him and he doesn't even look like he's in his 70's, let alone 75.  So, a lot of the family went to my parents house in Abilene to celebrate the special holiday and surprise the birthday boy.

My sisters did a lot of work on the moustache-themed party.  My dad has always had a moustache so the theme was very fitting.  Sorry these next few pictures are blurry, but I was in a hurry trying to take them.  These are some of the goodies.

Moustache cookies

Moustache cupcakes

Carrot and sheep cookies

Moustache tattoos

Moustache disguises

Moustache mugs filled with party mix.
My sister drew all the moustaches on the mugs.
The best chocolate cake ever!!!!
My mom made the cake and it was to die for!

We all posed for pictures.  This is my family above with my parents.  The picture below is my oldest brother and 2 of his kids from Wyoming.

My little sister and her kids.

My other older brother.

And my other older brother (I have 4 older brothers) and his 3 kids, daughter-in-law, and grandkids.

This is what 4 generations look like.

We had a huge Easter egg hunt for the kids.  This basket had soooo many eggs.

Thankfully, my parents had a huge front yard.

The kids had such a good time.

My dad was completely surprised by all who came for his party.  He wasn't expecting any of it and was so happy all day.  Not all the kids could make it (yes, there are more), but it was nice to reunite with the ones that did.  We ate tons of food, laughed a lot, I watched my dad play Just Dance on the Wii, and celebrated the most important man in our family.


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