Monday, May 7, 2012

FunD Run

The kids recently had an exciting event at school called the FunD Run.  Every student had to run for 20 minutes.  They would earn money from whoever sponsored them for every lap that they ran.  We didn't solicit for sponsors.  I don't always liked to be asked to buy things from other kids so I don't ask other people.  Preston and Kaitlyn just ran for fun.  

It was a very nice morning, just perfect for running.  Here's Kaitlyn getting ready to start.

And they're off!  Thankfully, Preston and Kaitlyn ran at separate times so I was able to watch both of them.  Kaitlyn had a much bigger area for her laps.

She really had a great time and loves to run.

She's still going!

And still going.  She did a great job and I was super proud of her.  She only stopped to walk a little bit.  I watched the 2nd graders as they were finishing their running and they were exhausted.  Some of them were heaving and felt a little faint, but they all recovered quickly.

Then, Preston came outside for his turn.  The Kindergartners had a much smaller area to run around.

He really got into his running.

Still determined!

He just kept running and running...

The Kindergartners ran for most of the 20 minutes and hardly stopped to walk.  Afterwards, they seemed perfectly fine and probably could've kept going.  Great job Kaitlyn and Preston!

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