Thursday, May 24, 2012

A T-Ball Story

Once upon a time, there was a little 5 yr old boy who wanted to play sports.  Even though this boy was very shy, he wanted to get out there and try flag football.  His parents agreed to let him try it and signed him up.  

At the very first practice, this little boy was thrown right into the mix of some tougher,  rowdier boys that have already played football.  There was no introduction or thorough instructions on what to do.  So, as this shy little boy saw the other boys practice their blocking and other maneuvers, the tears started to come.  And they continued to come over and over, tear after tear.  This little boy was not used to anything like this before.  

Many changes had recently happened in his life.  He started full day Kindergarten, which was a rough transition from him.  His mom was no longer his music teacher just as she had been since he was 2 yrs old.  He also recently started going to a different class during Wednesday night church services.  This sweet, sensitive little boy just couldn't handle all these changes happening at once.

He went to another flag football practice and again, he just cried and cried.  His parents just couldn't bear to see him so miserable during practice.  When it was talked about at home, the tears made another appearance.  He just was not ready for something like this.  So, he quit.  The anxiety was just too much.

But then, came the Spring.  This shy boy was starting to outgrow his shyness.  He adapted very well to school and other new classes.  He wanted to try sports again, but this time he wanted to try T-ball.  

T-ball has completely changed his life.  He completely excelled in this sport and looked forward to every practice and game that he had.  His dad even bought him a T-ball stand to practice with at home.  His coach told his parents at the end of the season that he was one of the best catchers and throwers on the team.  He was also the most improved.  

His parents saw his confidence soar.  They saw those huge grins every time he had an excellent hit or catch.  They saw his great sportsmanship and were relieved that their son had found his passion.

Warming up before the game

Waiting in the dugout

Practice swings

Baseball ready


Team pictures-#12 is back row center

Daddy was always helping during games and practice

Pictures taken by Hardy Burnett

Pictures taken by Hardy Burnett

Pictures taken by Hardy Burnett

Pictures taken by Hardy Burnett

Congratulating the other team after the game

Excited about taking the team snacks

 End of Season party at a local pizza place.  Yummy breadsticks!

 The pizza was even better.

Giving the coach a homemade picture at the End of Season party 

So proud of his trophy!

Here is a video of #12 getting another player out.


  1. I'm so glad he's found something he loves!! And now we know what to give him for ThanksChristmasGiving. ;)

  2. What a joy to watch our kiddos grow in their adventures! Proud moments for mom & dad :)

  3. Great's wonderful when our kids find something they even makes mom and dad feel good!

  4. Thank you for the great encouragement!


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