Friday, June 1, 2012

Field Day 2012

The kids had their first Field Day at the new school and loved it!!!  It was all Olympic-themed and very well organized by the P.E. Dept.  Thankfully, the kids had their activities at separate times so I could spend time with both of them.

They did a 50 yard dash, tug of war, archery, frisbee throw, relay races, and so much more.  They especially loved getting their faces painted and eating Pop-Ice and Frozen Custard.

There was a Field Day Casualty in the Kelley Family.  Kaitlyn was sitting in her line while another classmate was pulling someone on a flat coaster.  Well, when they came running up to the line, nobody tried to stop the coaster and rammed right into Kaitlyn's wrist.  She immediately started to cry and went to the nurse.  The nurse said she had a busy day with other injuries.

Besides that, everyone had fun.  Just FYI, don't forget to put sunscreen on the back of your knees.  LOTS of sunscreen!!!!  Because when you get a sunburn there, it hurts to wear jeans.  Just sayin'...

Here's a video of Kaitlyn doing her best to throw a frisbee despite all the wind.

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