Monday, June 11, 2012

The End of the School Year

The kids had a blast at their End of Year Parties.  The parties for each grade level are organized by the Room Reps (Room Moms/Dads).  They were so fun.   Preston's party was a carnival and he got to play lots of games.

He also got a tattoo that he just loves.

Kaitlyn received the "Starburst Award" for always being a good helper.

They also had some treats.  Kaitlyn had an ice cream sundae and Preston had cookies and juice.

Kaitlyn got to decorate her own shirt with puffy paint.  The whole class had a lot of fun coming up with their own designs.

I'll admit, I saw this sign hanging in Kaitlyn's class and it hit me that she was going to be a 3rd GRADER!!!  Yes, my eyes started to get teary.  It got worse when her teacher played a slideshow of pictures through out the year and she put some sappy songs on it.

Preston was blessed to have an amazing teacher for his Kindergarten year.  We had some extra conferences with her during the year and we knew Preston was being taught very well and with a lot of patience.  He received all 'M's' (Mastery) on his final report card.

Kaitlyn had the best teacher ever in 2nd grade. I was privileged to be the Room Rep for this class and LOVED every second of it.  I got to know all the kids, I read with them every Wednesday, I helped plan all the parties, corresponded with parents, and really got to know the teacher.  She's young, positive, energetic, and a Christian.  Kaitlyn received all 'A's' on her report card.

It was a very special year for our family:  a brand new school, great new teachers,  and Preston's very first year.  The Lord has blessed our family so I'm able to only work part-time and I can be at all of their school functions.  We are also so thankful that every teacher our children have had were so encouraging and touched their lives in some way.  We will end this school year with nothing but great memories.


  1. Treasured moments in life when others make some positive and permanent impact in our kid's lives.

    1. Absolutely! So thankful of who God has put in my children's lives.


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