Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Night Achievements

With the end of the school year, comes the end of our Wednesday night classes. Kaitlyn and Preston stay very active in their different classes memorizing Scripture, learning Bible stories, and doing whatever is required to earn their badges.

Kaitlyn just completed 2 years in her Prims class for MPact Girls.  She earned every badge that was required and even became an Honor Prim.  That is a very big accomplishment.  Next year, she moves up to the Stars class.  Kaitlyn is very excited.

Preston completed his first year as a Ranger Kid for Royal Rangers and it was a challenge for us.  He had a lot of memorizing to do and a lot of tasks to complete.  In the fall, Preston wasn't used to having to memorize so much and he got very frustrated.  By this spring, he was a pro at memorizing and had very little difficulty.

For Ranger Kids, there are 2 badges to learn per semester and 8 patches to earn under each badge.  For one year, that is a total of 4 badges and 16 patches.  Preston accomplished everything that was required.  Call him (or us) an overachiever, but he was so proud of every single badge and patch that was earned.

Needless to say, Mom and Dad are extremely proud too.  Craig was one of Preston's teachers and really enjoyed having that time with him.  Craig remembers what it was like to go through the Royal Ranger program and loves passing the tradition down to our son.  Way to go Kaitlyn and Preston!!!


  1. So is Missionettes called MPact Girls now? I did the Missionettes program and was crowned an Honor Star in fifth grade. :)

    1. Yes, but I still tend to call it Missionettes. :) I was a teenager by the time we joined the A/G church, so I'm glad Kaitlyn can do it. I can't wait to see her crowning ceremony in a few years too!


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