Monday, May 21, 2012

Preston's New Smile

There have been changes in the Kelley household, especially in Preston's smile.  He finally lost his 1st tooth!  He has had 2 loose bottom teeth and 2 loose top teeth for awhile.  One tooth on the bottom has been extremely loose, but he would never let us (well, Craig) pull it out.  

Craig was brushing Preston's teeth before school and accidentally bumped that tooth.  It was just barely hanging there, so Craig popped it right out.  Preston was so excited which is very different than how his sister reacted when her 1st tooth fell out.

Both of the kids have Tooth Fairy Pillows that our friend makes.  Both of the kids also decided it's creepy for the Tooth Fairy to come into their rooms during the night.  The Tooth Fairy pillow must remain in the hallway, on the bookshelf, and that's as far as she is allowed to come.  The Tooth Fairy thinks it's easier to visit that way too.

How did Preston feel finding a dollar bill in place of his tooth?  I think that smile says it all!

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