Monday, April 8, 2013

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder...Literally

So, I posted on Facebook yesterday "Don't you hate it when you put on a fresh coat of mascara then immediately sneeze?!"  And all the ladies, and perhaps some men, said "Aye!"

Looking beautiful is all about timing.  Why couldn't you sneeze BEFORE the mascara?  When you sneeze after, you immediately have to get out a cotton swab or tissue and clean up the debris before it dries.  If not, it looks like you have black (or brown or blue or whatever color mascara you use) freckles on your face that only seems to occupy the skin around your eyes.  Ugh!!!

Or how about as you are putting on mascara and the wand accidentally slips and jabs you in the eye?

Or when you are plucking your eyebrows and you pluck a hair in just the right spot that your eyes immediately start watering?  It makes you want to say a bad word like...shoot!

Or how about when you paint your nails and it looks perfect.  Perfect meaning most of the polish is on your nails and not your skin.  As soon as you make the last stroke with the little brush, your child throws up.  Or your dog leaves something for you on the floor. Or your hair gets in your face and you absentmindedly move it out of your face, leaving lovely little lines across your fresh polish.

You just put some lovely smelling lotion all over your hands to cover the ashy skin and you have to open a door, but your hand just slips around it.

You have your hair styled just perfect and you plaster it with a thin layer of hairspray and inhale it instead, wondering if the hair in your nostrils will be frizz free now.

What about that lovely new lip gloss or lipstick you are proud to slather on your lips and wear to an important event?  You go around talking to lots of people, being the social butterfly you are, only to get home and discover that you've had a huge glob of a pretty shade of pink called 'Too Hot To Trot' all over your front teeth!!! (I won't even get started with green stuff in teeth!)

Now, perhaps it's just me and I just need to plan things better.  But I'm sure one or two of these things has happened to someone else as well.  Sigh.  The things we go through all in the name of beauty.  :)

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