Monday, April 22, 2013

Kroger Fan Fest

We don't live too far from Texas Motor Speedway and NASCAR recently had a race.  There were NASCAR events all over the metroplex.  The Kroger store closest to us had a big Fan Fest event for all the little NASCAR fans.  Of course, Preston LOVED it!!!

There was a 'Pit' area where older fans could practice changing tires.

The Pringles guy was there and Preston was excited to get a picture with him.  We even got a photo in a frame as a souvenir.  Preston had just come from taking his T-ball pictures, so that's why he's in uniform.

The kids also got to do a bean bag toss...

...and loved going down the inflatable slide.

Kool-Aid has come out with a new drink product.  Just squirt the syrup into a bottle of water, shake (with lid on), and drink.  I'm not a fan of kool-aid and all the sugar that's in it, but the kids enjoyed the free sample!!!

Preston wanted to take a picture with every race car that was on display.  

Preston and Kaitlyn were able to sit in a model of Dale Earnhardt, Jr's car (#88) and pretend like they were racing.  They did not want to get out!

It was pretty neat checking out the inside of a race car.

Finally, Colgate had a trailer with some more virtual racing.  As much as they loved the game, Kaitlyn and Preston didn't do too well. :)

Preston kept his foot on the brake the whole time and Kaitlyn kept her foot on the gas pedal the whole time.  So much to learn before the teenage years!!!

It was a fun time, even though it was short.  Just more memories that were made.

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