Friday, April 26, 2013

Buy Yourself Flowers

Buy yourself flowers.  Why not?  It will put some beauty in your day.

Sometimes we get boggled down by life and our daily responsibilities.  Sometimes we are just so busy checking off our 'To Do' list that we forget to mark off "Stop to smell the roses".

This time of year seems especially busy as the school year winds down and all the end of year festivities occur.  You are preparing for summer and figuring out what you'll do with the kids.  You survived the week that just passed but are gearing up for the week that is ahead.

By the time the kids go to bed, you are just so exhausted yourself, that you fall asleep on the couch.  Before you know it, the alarm goes off too soon and you are back at it again.

But today, when you head out to complete your endless list of errands, put one more thing on your list. Add some color to your day.

Buy yourself flowers.

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