Monday, May 27, 2013

T-ball, Spring 2013

Preston just finished his 3rd season of T-ball.  Boy, does he love playing!  He was always so eager to go to every practice and every game.  

Thankfully, Preston was able to be on the same team and get the same coach that he had last Spring.  Preston has had 2 coaches with 2 different teams and Coach Kevin is by far our favorite.  He has taught Preston so much!

Always a big grin before every game.

I love seeing the whole team warming up in whatever empty field space they can find.

Craig tried to be on the field as much as he could.  Here he is giving some advice to Preston at 1st base.

Catching the grounder.

Preston just randomly picked #12 as his uniform number when he played his very first season.  He has been able to keep the same number for the Fall season and again for the Spring season.

Every game ends in a pep talk from the coach and he gives a few pointers.

Preston is warming up with Craig before the very last game of the season.  He definitely has an arm.

This season of T-ball was modified pitch.  That means they get 3 chances to swing at a coach pitched ball.  If they miss, then they get 2 tries off the tee.  If they still miss, then it's considered an out.  Preston loves hitting that ball!  

During one of the innings, Preston played "pitcher".  He is great at stopping the ball.

He did not have a single injury all season, but then it happened.  The ball was hit, bounced off the mound and hit Preston in the right eye.  He tried to block it, but it got him good!

The coaches gathered around him, players gathered around, the umpire gathered around, and yes, even I went out there.  I was taking pictures through the fence and saw the whole thing through the lens.  Poor guy was crying and the game was on hold for about 5 minutes until he could pull himself together to finish the inning.

When he was up to bat for the next inning, he hit that ball HARD!  He was so proud when he was able to score a run for his team.

Showing off his hurt right eye after the game.

As usual, the game ends in a talk with the coach.  The team did so great this season and he was super proud of them.

Their final Orioles cheer.

Not only did Preston have a great last season of T-ball (next season is all Coach Pitch), he went on to tryout for the All-Star team and made it!!!  Coach Kevin will be his coach again and Preston's uniform number is, you guessed it, #12.

Way to go #12! We are so proud of you, Preston!!! 

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