Monday, June 3, 2013

Royal Rangers/MPact Girls Ceremonies

It's that time of year when all the award ceremonies are held.  First, Preston had his Royal Rangers ceremony where he is completing his first year as a Ranger Kid.  He proudly held the Christian flag during the ceremony.

He was very stoic as Commander Dave read off the list of badges and patches he earned this semester.  He worked hard and accomplished A LOT!!!

This is his favorite commander, Commander Craig, aka Dad.  Preston completed everything he possibly needed to complete for this year.  Now he is all ready to get started on his badges and patches for next year.  

The following week was Kaitlyn's MPact Girls ceremony where she is completing her first year as a Star.  She got to hold the American flag during her ceremony.

Kaitlyn also completed everything she needed to do for this year.  MPact Girls works differently than Royal Rangers so she didn't have to do as much work at home.

Now, she is all ready for her second year of Stars.

Way to go Kaitlyn and Preston!  We are so proud of both of you!

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