Friday, June 28, 2013

Kaitlyn's Surprise Room Makeover

We've lived and breathed baseball this past month (as I've mentioned many times) and we're either headed to practice or a game.  Kaitlyn has been a great big sister, going to everything, and cheering on her little brother.  She'll even go up to him in the dugout and tell him good job after scoring a run.  

We decided to do something just for her that would make her feel loved and special.  When she left for church camp on Sunday, we knew it would be the perfect time to do a room makeover like she has been wanting.  Kaitlyn would be returning around noon on Wednesday, so we knew we didn't have much time.  

Kaitlyn's room was pink and purple with lots of princess and little girl decor.  She's definitely ready for something different and more age appropriate.  She has been saying for awhile that she wanted her room in bright pink, blue, and green.   Here's the transformation:







How we did it:
I had gone to Goodwill last week and purchased several, very cheap frames and spray painted them in those colors.

I even spray painted some purple frames that she already had in her room to a bright blue.

I bought coordinating fabric at Hobby Lobby and framed them in some of the frames.  I also made some 'Keep Calm' signs to go in other frames.

 This memo board was found in a matching bright blue at Goodwill for $1.95!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  The only thing wrong with it was the missing center button.

Once again, Hobby Lobby helped out and I found coordinating buttons.

Added a little hot glue and all done!

This frame from Goodwill was spray painted Berry Pink.

The hideous 3-dimensional fake flower and mat were removed and replaced with fabric.

I bought this natural looking framed mirror along with 3 smaller matching mirrors at a garage sale a long time ago.  I never used them for what I had planned and glad I didn't.  Spray paint does wonders!!!  I used the same pink, Maui Blue, and Key Lime Green.

The baskets were white with baby blue, pink, and purple fabric liners.  I took them out and spray painted the baskets.  One small mirror from the mirror set was hung above her desk.  The 2 blue frames on the wall were originally purple and held pictures.  After spray painting, I added green fabric to one frame and used dry erase markers to leave Kaitlyn messages.

This blue wall used to be purple.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's actually the same Maui Blue as the spray paint.  We showed the paint guy at Home Depot the color we were using and he was able to mix us a gallon of paint in the exact same color!!!  We hung the memo board next to her night stand and hung the rest of the frames on the wall.  We purchased the bedding on sale at Target, found the throw pillow on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and also found the coat rack marked down from $99 to $34 at Hobby Lobby!  It's perfect for all her bags.

This frame used to be brown.  I simply made this sign myself and printed it on card stock.

This frame was also brown and  spray painted pink. Blue ribbon was hot glued to the frame.

It makes the perfect bow holder!  Most of the bows are homemade as well.

Of course, we have to have a monogrammed door to greet everyone (purchased at Hobby Lobby).

We stayed up late, got little rest, and used every free moment we had cleaning (3 bags of garbage!) and redecorating the room for our favorite girl.  There are a couple things we still need to purchase, but we tried our best with the time that we had.

This reaction was worth it all!!!  

Kaitlyn, you are loved!!!!


  1. Awesome job! What a great way to celebrate her doing so great being a big sister. Also, I love that bow-holder idea.

    1. Thank you Kate! The bow holder was so simple too.

  2. love it! I was hoping you'd post pics of the redo! I think I'm about ready to redo Kirsten's room (maybe over Thanksgiving!) so this might give me some fun ideas! Which Goodwill do you go to? I like CCA in Lewisville!

    1. I went to the Goodwill in Watauga. I have been wanting to check out the CCA. Spray paint is my new best friend!


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