Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Field Day 2013

Field Day!!!  Always a fun day for everyone.  I'm so thankful I was able to be with my kids for most of the day to watch their events.  Preston's class had Field Day during the morning and it was cloudy with a slight breeze.  So nice!

Preston was so excited to start the day!

 It was so funny watching the kids trying to keep the sponge between their heads.

Wet hair!

This was by far the best game called 'Jack and Jill'.  The kids had to carry the bucket on poles, up the hill, above their head.  They fill the bucket with water and carry it back down without spilling.  Well, I think it spilled for each kid and it was so funny seeing them get wet.

Trying to get the balls around the bar was a difficult task.

Look at that kick!

The 'Egg Relay'.

The classes favorite event is 'Tug of War' against each other.  Even the teachers join in.

The 50 meter dash was against each class and Preston beat his competition.  He is determined!

Still all smiles at the end!

Kaitlyn's class participated in Field Day in the afternoon.  By that time, the clouds were going away and it was starting to warm up.

She did really well kicking the ball into the goal each time.

Here's the 'Jack and Jill' game again.

And it fell...and Kaitlyn got wet...and she screamed...and I laughed.  So glad I got this picture.

Her class loved doing the water games because of the dreaded sun.   Her teacher and new husband did it as well.  The kids loved seeing that.  After the game, they all went to the pools and jumped in and/or poured the water over their heads.

More wet hair!!!

 Kaitlyn is concentrating so hard on that egg.

Kaitlyn had a popsicle break to cool down and I got to join her.  It was very refreshing.

The classes headed into the gym to play a game called 'Nuke 'Em'.  You have to throw the balls back and forth over the volleyball net and don't let them touch the floor.  If you do, you're out.  This is pretty much how Kaitlyn participated-she just stood there.  Brings back memories! ;)

Hot outside!!!

 Tug of War time!

 And what do you do at the end of Field Day?  You come home and crash!

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