Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm A Baseball Mom

Since Preston made the All-Star team, our lives have been nothing but baseball.  And I have become one of those "Baseball Moms".  

It started when I bought an All-Star shirt while purchasing his uniform.  I bought one for Craig and Kaitlyn too.  No, Craig's shirt does not have the bling on it.

Then when I went to get my monthly pedicure, I asked the lady to give me a baseball design.

I saw another team mom wearing a blinged out shirt, so I ordered one too.

Finally, I made Kaitlyn a baseball bow.

So yes, I've become a baseball mom.  I've learned more about this sport then I ever thought I would.  I've been to every game and attended every practice.  I've even had to throw the ball with Preston a few times (once while wearing wedges because Craig ended up being late to practice!).

I take the team pictures, set up our Shutterfly account, yell and clap during the games, and we're the team business managers.  Would I have it any other way?  Absolutely not!!  I completely love this baseball life.  Go Keller!!!

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