Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Preston's Bday Celebrations

So, our baby boy turned 7.  He had many celebrations for this special bday.  Before school was over, he celebrated with cupcakes in his class.  Since he has a summer bday, I always ask his teachers if he can do something in class before the end of the school year.  Who doesn't love celebrating a classmates bday?

Since we spent so much for his All-Star team and have a crazy baseball schedule right now, we decided to do something very low key for his party.  Preston invited his two best friends from school to jump with him at Altitude Trampoline Park.  He also chose a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme.  

The day before his actual birthday, Preston got dressed in his new TMNT shirt and headed to the park to meet his friends.

We only stayed an hour but the kids had so much fun...and were so sweaty!

Afterwards, we headed back to the house for cupcakes, presents, and a little bit more play time.  I have a friend I use for our cupcakes and cakes.  She always does a fantastic job.  These cupcakes were oreo cupcakes with orange tinted vanilla buttercream and fondant turtle heads.  They were delicious!!!

The kids drank Hugs juice barrels.

Blowing out his candle!

I try to be creative with the goody bags and try to match the party theme.  The kids probably don't even care, but it's still fun to do.  If you've ever seen any TMNT cartoon or movie, you'll know they LOVE pizza.  Pizza Hut generously gave me small pizza boxes for the favors.

Then, I filled the box with TMNT stickers, tattoos, erasers, balloons, and a glow stick.  I also got each boy a $5 Pizza Hut gift card.  I made green Jell-o and called it ooze.  Pizza Hut also gave me the containers for it.  Since it was only a couple kids, I just wrote out the label.  Finally, I made eye masks out of t-shirts.

I cut a 3 inch strip off the shirt (on sale at Michael's), folded it in half, and cut two slits for the eyes.  Not the fanciest thing, but I've eaten dinner with a little boy in an eye mask several times already!

 That night, Preston had practice so he brought Pop-Ice for all his teammates.  He loves to share his bday!

The next day was finally his real bday.  We had summer camp all day and Preston got special treatment from his teachers.  That night we went to his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and then had more cupcakes.

Preston had such a fun time with all of his mini celebrations that it more than made up for not having a big party.  Happy bday Presto Change-O!!!

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