Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of the School Year

The kids last day of school was Thursday, but their End of Year Parties were held Wednesday.  

Kaitlyn received a 'Ready to Learn' award.  Her teacher was always saying how much Kaitlyn loved learning.  She was always coming home and telling us some new and interesting fact that she remembered from school.

All the 3rd graders in the school received a canvas drawstring bag and signed them.

The kids played a game where they had to scoop up rigatoni pasta on a spaghetti stick without it breaking. 

Obviously, she didn't want her picture taken.

The class also had ice cream sundaes but I didn't get a chance to get a picture because I was in Preston's class at the time.  Kaitlyn said it was really good.

Earlier in the day, I had made 2 dozen hot dogs for Preston's camping-themed party.

Parents provided lots of other goodies too.

Each 1st grader received a pillowcase to sign.  Thanks to another parent, we ironed on all the transfers for our class.

The kids loved signing their names on each other's pillowcases.

The teacher put together memory books for each kid.  There were some great pictures, stories, and drawings inside.

Preston doesn't mind having his picture taken.

His teacher also put together a wonderful slide show with the sappy songs that make parents cry.  I was proud that I held myself together.  

Kaitlyn and Preston had fun at their parties. I'm so thankful to the Room Reps from the other 1st and 3rd grade classes that joined forces to organize the parties throughout the year.  It was tough being the Room Rep for both and I had to divide my time as best as I could.  However, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Kaitlyn and Preston loved having me in their classrooms each week and for each party and I did too!  And their teachers gave me great thank you gifts.  I love them!!!

Then, came the last day of school.  Always such a bittersweet day.  The kids are excited because it's the start of summer break.  Parents are excited for them and also sad to see their kids growing up.  What a difference a school year has made for Kaitlyn and Preston!!!

August 2012

 June 2013

Kaitlyn has grown, figuratively and literally.  I've seen her start to mature into a young lady and start to understand so much about this world.  3rd grade was a tough year emotionally and sometimes academically.  Although, she did maintain straight A's and had no problem passing her STAAR test.  In fact, she only missed 3 problems on the math portion!!!  We've had long discussions on bullying, manners, tattling, remembering to follow the 10 Commandments, etc.  She's cried about problems and I've cried along with her.  I never want to raise a 3rd grade girl again!!  Phew! What a year!  But overall, she's been more affectionate with us, shown more responsibility, and has really tried to help out more.  She had a wonderful teacher that coached her along and really mentored her.

Preston definitely looks grown up now.  Gone are the sweet baby cheeks that I just loved.  He has absolutely excelled in 1st grade.  Craig and I were so worried about his reading, spelling, and speech at the end of last school year.  We were prepared for lots of studying and extra work on these subjects.  However, something clicked in his little brain and he just got it.  His speech completely improved, he is now reading chapter books, and spelling is not a problem for him.  The most interesting thing is watching him with his hands.  He mostly writes with his left hand but he easily switches back and forth while coloring and doing other projects. (He also throws and bats right handed.  Go figure!)  Preston received all 'M's' (equivalent to an A) on his report card and does not seem to have any trouble in any subject.  He gets along well with other kids and loves to make others laugh.  His teacher has been great and always had good things to say about him.

It was a great year and it's hard, yet exciting to say that we have a 4th grader and 2nd grader in our house.  A big thank you to the wonderful teachers that took care of our children these past 9 months.  The school year is over and time to start a busy, fun-filled summer!

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