Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had an incredibly busy Christmas season.  It didn't help that we had a major ice storm at the beginning of it and delayed everything by days!!!  But we partied on and had some fun anyways.

It started with a visit to the kids school by none other than Santa, Mrs. Claus, Frosty, and Rudolph.  They landed on the playground in 2 helicopters and all of the kids were so excited!!!

A few days later, the kids had their class Winter Parties. Once again, since I am the Room Rep for both classes, I had to split my time between the two.

Preston's class played Bingo, drank hot chocolate,

and made a Reindeer Trail Mix.

Kaitlyn's class was so silly, wearing disguises, decorating sugar cookies,

and decorating ceramic tiles.

Due to Craig's crazy work schedule, we had to have our annual Christmas donuts on Dec. 23.  They were still just as tasty.

We also opened family gifts that day.

Christmas Eve, Craig had to work early and as soon as he got off, we were headed to Abilene.  I spent the day baking, finishing up wrapping gifts, packing, and loading up the car.  Unfortunately, I started getting a sinus infection too.  Yuck!

We arrived at my parent's house and were greeted by a house full of people,



and card games.

Wake up, Dominique, it's time to open presents!

Sam got an App Store gift card.

Ava got a new bike.

Preston got a skateboard (oh no!)...

...and a lot more Hot Wheels.

I made photo coasters for my sisters and their families.  That looks like Denise on the coaster, but it's actually her daughter (also her mini-me).

Craig got a Blu-Ray Player (we're finally catching up with technology!).

Kamryn also got a bike like his big sister.

Papa (aka Dad) was completely worn out by the festivities.  His dog is trying to get his attention.

Finally, everyone left or went to bed around midnight.  Kaitlyn and Preston made sure to leave Santa's goodies out.  They picked Dr. Pepper (I guess Santa likes that), peanut butter blossom cookies, Rainbow Loom bracelets, and a note.

Thankfully, Santa knew where to find us in Abilene and filled everyone's stockings.

Once we got dressed, we headed over to Denise's house for Christmas breakfast and more presents!

Later, we made the trek back to my parent's house for Christmas Dinner.  But first, the White Elephant Gift Exchange!

We always do silly gifts in our White Elephant.  I ended up with Duck Dynasty playing cards, sunflower seeds, and a Texas Longhorns cap.  Craig ended up with a not so pretty angel statue! Ha!!!

We had a feast for dinner of turkey, ham, potatoes, cranberries, rolls, green beans, corn, and more.  Sorry, I didn't get any pics of it because I was too busy eating it!

Our evening festivities included a night full of karaoke!!!  I played DJ and my laptop was synced with my mom's new Chrome Cast.  I took requests and we sang so, so many songs!!!

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons 

What Does the Fox Say? by Ylvis 

Kamryn was rocking out!

Finally, the night ended with all the grandkids playing a Right/Left game to win some chocolate.

We left the next day after more festivities.  It was a fun, casual time.  The cousins loved playing with each other.

And Craig and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary!  Stay tuned for that post.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!

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