Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good Riddance, 2013! Hello, 2014!!!

Phew! We made it!  Made it through a very tumultuous and trying year.  We have never been so excited to see 2013 end.  I know there are a lot of people feeling the same way too.  I feel like Sandy at the end of Grease when she sings her send off song to herself!

Looking Back:
2013 was the Year of Home for us.  By the end of the year, God showed us that our home, our family, needs to always remain the most important.

Not everything was bad this past year.  We had 2 great memorable vacations, Ruidoso and Anaheim/San Diego.  The kids and I finally met Craig's biological grandparents.  I became a contributor on another blog and a successful Scentsy consultant.  Preston played on his first All-Star team, which we absolutely loved.  Kaitlyn got a surprise room makeover when she returned from camp.  I've been accepted into Texas Woman's University to start college again in the fall.  These were all great things and we feel so blessed.

However, we had some major changes too.

Craig took a step down in position and is Co-Manager again.  I resigned my Sunday School Coordinator position at church.  Both were tough decisions and we prayed fervently over both.  We completely trusted God to have control of each situation.  By trusting and putting all of our faith in Him, we have complete peace.

Our poor 10 yr old Sheltie is currently recovering from surgery on a torn ACL.  In typical 2013 fashion, our garbage disposal cracked 2 days ago.

I've dubbed last year:  Teargate 2013.  We have shed so many tears over different events that transpired.

Looking forward:
Going forward with this fresh new year, fresh new options, and many new opportunities, 2014 will be the Year of Learning.  I know God has so much to teach us and we just need to be willing students.  I feel the past few months have already taught us so much, but there's more to come.

One thing I've learned is no matter how much I plan things and want everything to work out accordingly, God will always go by His plan.  Of course, His ways are so much better.  I can say we have a list of things we want to happen in 2014, but it may not match up to the ultimate Planner.

We are hoping we can travel and go on 2 vacations again.  I have a very important audition at the university.  I no longer write for another blog, but will solely focus on my own.  Kaitlyn will start intermediate school in the fall.  Craig has goals set for his career again.  Preston is hoping for another chance at All-Stars.

Whether these things happen or not, we realize how incredibly blessed we are.  On this first day of 2014, we can look back and see exactly where and how God had his hand on our lives, even though we could not see it at the time.

And we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

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