Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's

New Year's Eve was party central at the Kelley house!!  

Not really.

Craig worked until 8 pm.  We also had to keep a close eye on our dog since she was recovering from surgery.  So, I made some party foods just for us (and there were lots of leftovers).


Pepperoni Quesadillas 

Baked Buffalo Chicken Strips

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Kaitlyn went to bed about 10:30.  Preston tried as hard as he could to stay awake until midnight.  He fell asleep in Craig's lap around 11:30.  Craig and I made it to midnight, said 'Happy New Year', and off to bed we went.  We were so tired.  Plus, Craig had to be at work early the next morning.

We didn't do anything particularly special on New Year's Day.  Craig worked, I started to organize different areas of the house, and the kids just played.  We also had our annual dinner of grilled chicken, rice pilaf, steamed veggies, deviled eggs, and corn bread.  Craig was the only one to eat black-eyed peas.

Relaxing and peaceful day.  Nice way to start 2014.

Happy New Year's!!!

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