Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Rehearsal

So, my little sister got married...again.  Let me briefly explain.  E and D got married 10 years ago.  They had 2 kids and then divorced.  God was not done with them yet.  After lots of prayer and faith, they decided to reconcile and remarry.  

And their wedding was our big focus this past weekend.

Between Craig and I, we took TONS of pictures.  We wanted to try to capture as much as we could for a "Behind the Scenes" look.  Here are pics from Friday, the day of the rehearsal.

The bride fixing the sign behind the cake table.

Old photos from when they were dating and their first wedding.  These platters will be filled with cakes! 

 Our older sister is making the bow for the arch.

The groom is filling the sand jars.

The bride and our mom.  They are standing the same way and are even dressed alike!!!

Craig is talking with the groom's brother and his wife.

Side note:  Craig and I went to the same church as teens in El Paso.  The groom and his family also went to our church.  The groom's parents were on staff at our church and Craig's parents were the missionaries from our church.  So, we've all known each other and each other's families for a VERY LONG TIME!  

While we were setting up, some of the kids were eating pizza in the kitchen.

Kaitlyn, Preston, and their cousins just happened to dress alike.

This is a perfect captured moment of my parents.  This is how they behave on a daily basis.

We are getting our instructions from the pastor. 


This is me getting distracted.

We headed to my older sisters house for a rehearsal dinner of brisket and all the sides.

Chowing down and talking.

E's bday was the day after their wedding.  So he was surprised when a cake was brought out and we sang 'Happy Birthday' to him.

Stay tuned for pics from the big day!!!

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