Saturday, August 9, 2014


May 1, 2014 was the beginning of my #100happydays challenge.  I was determined to complete this challenge to prove to myself that it could be done.

And it can.

Does this mean I was absolutely happy every single day?  No way!!!  Some days were full of happy moments and it was hard to choose just one.  Other days had a significant happy moment that I was more than eager to share.  Of course, there were some days where I really had to dig deep and see what made me happy that day.  It wasn't always easy.

I posted all of my pics on Instagram and am so grateful to those that followed along.  There were some of you that double-tapped every #100happydays pic, sending nothing but love and encouragement my way.  That was very inspiring.

My first pic was for my daughter having a part in her school choir.

Some pics showed support for my son and his passion for baseball.

I was happy about coffee (many pics of that!).

I shared pics of yummy food.

I encouraged myself, and hopefully others, with God's Word.

My last picture was all of the beach goodies that were waiting to be used on vacation.

But through all 100 of these days, there was one common theme.  I went back and looked through all of the pictures and the same thing kept popping up.

My family.  The Suburban Kelley's.  Our awesome and amazing family of 4.  Pictures of my favorite people were used for 25% of the #100happydays.

They are what make me happy.

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