Monday, September 1, 2014

First Week of School 2014-We Survived!!!

We knew this school year would be different for us.  Preston is starting 3rd grade, Kaitlyn is starting 5th grade at an intermediate school, and I am heading back to college after a 14 yr hiatus.  However, we didn't anticipate how crazy and hectic this first week would be!!!

New backpacks, lunchboxes, and agendas for everyone.

Kaitlyn and Preston's new gear

I got different colored pens for my different classes.  It's easier to stay organized that way. :)

I got up early and made chocolate chip muffies for everyone.

Traditional first day pics.

It was different dropping them off this year.  They seem so much older and couldn't wait for us to leave.  :(

Afterwards, I grabbed some coffee and headed to my first day of class.

Actually, I'm taking 3 classes online through Texas Woman's University.  My degree will be in Music Therapy.  However, I'm not in a hurry to finish.  I have a lot of classes to take but still have to consider my other responsibilities.  I have a great job teaching music to kiddos that I'm just not ready to give up.  Plus, I have my family and always put them first.  I am the Room Mom for Preston's class again and I want to make sure I'm available for Kaitlyn with all of the transitions she will be experiencing this year.

So, while I spent the day trying to navigate my way through my online classes (English II, History, and Government), Craig took the day off to take over my usual first day of school duties.  He made a special after school treat for all of us and bought us each a little gift.  I LOVE him!!!

Juggling pick up procedures at both schools (with new policies that don't seem to be working out well), we were all drained by the time our school day was over.  However, we had a great dinner of grilled steaks and ribs.

And the craziness continued the rest of the week.  We had a lot on our schedule for this back to school week and we had to work hard to get organized.  We were all so glad for Friday to come and were exhausted.  Our bedtimes came earlier as morning did too.  But, I think we're finally get used to our new schedules and this new season in our lives.  Just praying it gets easier the rest of the year.

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