Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

Well, today was Preston's first day of Pre-K. It's so hard to believe that a year from now, he will be going to public school. Where did the time go?

Preston attends the Mother's Day Out Program at the church we attend. I also work there as the Music Teacher. So, I get to see Preston throughout the day and he comes to my class for 40 minutes.

Preston got some new gear for school. He picked out a Toy Story backpack that we got a great deal on at Sears.com. He had also been asking for a Toy Story lunchbox since his birthday in June. Well, when Toy Story 3 came out in theaters (which happened to be on Preston's b-day), Kroger had a huge display on Toy Story items. As the hype died down, the items went on sale for 75% off. Immediately, Craig bought a lunchbox from his store and we saved it all summer just for this special day.

Here's the handsome boy with his backpack and new clothes.

Preston has been attending this program since he was 1 yrs old. He is so used to the routine by now that he went right into his class and sat down to color. He knows how to spell and write his name already.

Craig prepared a special after school snack for Preston's first day: sugar cookies (with the help of Betty Crocker) and lemonade.

Once again, we let Preston decided what meal he wanted for this special day. Surprisingly, he chose hot sub sandwiches*, yogurt, and Gatorade.

He had a great first day of Pre-K and I can't wait to see how much he learns this year.

*Here is my recipe for hot sub sandwiches. Place split sub rolls or bolillo rolls on cookie sheet. Drizzle creamy Caesar dressing on one halves of bread. Layer lunchmeat (we like smokehouse ham and mesquite smoked turkey breast), cheese (we like provolone, colby jack, meunster, or pepper jack), and purple onions. Place in oven on broil until edges are brown and toasted. Drizzle a little more Caesar dressing and sprinkle pepper on one half. Close, cut in half, and enjoy!


  1. That sounds like a sandwich you might get from Andre's in El Paso! Yummy!


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