Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Movie Night

Kelley Family Movie Night! We love it and look forward to it. Usually after a hectic week or when we just want to relax, we'll have a movie night on Friday nights. Majority of the time, Craig is having to work late, so it's something fun the kids and I can do.

After we pick up Kaitlyn from school we head to the video store down the street, Family Video. Their videos are cheap!!! Most kid movies are free. Other movies are either 2/$1 or $1 for 5 nights. New releases are $2.79 for 5 nights. Like I said, the movies are cheap! In the same shopping center is Subway. We'll get the $5 footlong sandwiches and bring them home with our movies. We stick the sandwiches in the refrigerator until dinnertime.

Usually, the kids are counting down until it's time to start our movie night. We usually start about 5:30 or 6 pm to allow them time to watch both of the movies. I'll move the coffee table out of the way and put an old blanket on the floor. Then the kids change into pajamas, grab their pillows, a blanket, and their plastic trays. I'll put their sandwich on a paper plate with some chips and set it on their tray. For movie nights they are allowed something special to drink such as a capri-sun (I usually only allow those for their school lunch), caffeine-free soda (like root beer, sprite, or orange), or lemonade. The kids have special cups that look like mugs with a built-in straw that they like to use. I'll pop in the first movie, squeeze in between them with my dinner, and movie night begins!

For this movie night, they picked Franklin (Preston's pick) and Olive, The Other Reindeer (Kaitlyn's pick).

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