Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Showtime, Folks!

I did my first show after a 4 yr hiatus. In fact, the last show I did, I was pregnant with Preston (so he kind of had a part in the show too). I auditioned with Regal Opera Co. since I know the Musical Director and Stage Director. I knew if I got a part, I would feel comfortable working with them.

We performed "Tales of Carmen and South Pacific". Act I had songs from the opera Carmen. Act II had songs from the musical South Pacific. There were some characters throughout the show that tied it all together. So, after two months of rehearsal, this weekend was performance weekend (Fri and Sun only). Both shows were great! I was cast in the chorus and had a minor solo and two short speaking lines. Just so you know, performers always count how many lines/words they have.

My parents came in town to see both performances. I also had a couple siblings, Craig and kids, and lots of great friends from church show their support as well by attending. Thank you all for coming!!!

Kaitlyn and my mom are waiting for the curtain to open. Kaitlyn enjoyed the entire show. Preston had a hard time staying still for the opera portion.

Act I-Carmen. I am to the right of the gentleman with the brown skirt. I had a dark curly hairpiece in my hair. I'm holding a prop cigarette since our characters were called "Cigarette Girls". There's some type of powder substance that made smoke come out when you blew on it. During the show, I never put it in my mouth.

I'm striking a "Spanish" pose during Habanera.

Act II-South Pacific. Craig tried his best to get pictures that weren't blurry. I was moving around during this whole song so it was hard. I'm in the center with the lime green shirt. We had towels around our neck since we were singing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair."

I'm singing my sassy solo and I swing the towel around my head (my direction was to be sexy).

Preston took a picture with me after the show. Craig and the kids brought me a bouquet of mixed flowers. My parents and brother brought me red tulips. They always give me flowers on opening night.

This is the cast in one of the dressing rooms (everyone was dressed) waiting for our cue to head backstage.

This is the beautiful Jillian that played one of the roles of "Carmen". We took a picture of each other taking a picture.

It was so much fun being on stage again and I'm so comfortable doing it. I'll probably do another show or two next year. As for now, it's time to stop pretending and get back to reality.

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