Monday, September 6, 2010

Pray For Our Soldier

The Kelley Family: Dad, Mom, 1 sister-Kim, and 4 brothers-Warren, Paul, Craig, and David. Craig and David were surprise additions to the Kelley Family after the three other siblings were a little older. Well, the additions were a suprise to Dad and Mom, but God had this family planned since the very beginning of time.

The Kelley Family is the most generous, loving families I know. We laugh together, play together, eat together, cry together, and most importantly, pray together. This entire family has been involved in ministry in some point in their lives, whether as a child or an adult. With parents as Assembly of God missionaries (now retired), how can you not be involved in sharing the love of God?

Mom loves to get the whole family together whenever possible. We always share some sort of scrumptious meal together. Well, this gathering was very bittersweet. The youngest Kelley boy, David, is about to leave on his 3rd deployment to Iraq with the US Army in just a couple weeks. You would think this departure would be easier after being gone before, however, it's still just as hard. David will be gone for a year, come back for about one month, and then leave again for another 9 months. Believe me, prayers and cries for safety will be heard from this family.

David will leave behind his wife and two kids. His wife, Cindy, is a strong woman and can handle all the duties as mother and father. But, I know she will anxiously await the day her soldier comes home for good. Please keep the entire Kelley family in prayers. Pray for all the soldiers that are away from loved ones. Pray that we will all be reunited again, if it be God's will, to share many more memories on our earthly home.

Preston dumped out the toy bucket that Granna and Granddad keep at their house. Then, he decided to hide under it.

Two cousins: Hayley and Kaitlyn playing together.

Time to eat! We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, beans, spicy corn casserole, and all the fixings. For dessert: brownies, apple pie, and fruit cocktail cake.

David did the grilling. It was very good!

Paul and Faynetta brought their Wii. The boys loved it and it was hilarious to watch! Here are Paul and Craig getting into swordfighting.

David was excited too!

We even got Dad to play against Warren. I think he thought the closer to the TV, the better he'd play. :)

Then, they played kayaking.

The Kelley boys-Warren, Paul, Craig, and David.

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