Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colonial Day

All the 1st graders at Kaitlyn's school had Colonial Day today. They got to experience what life was like around the first Thanksgiving. They needed several volunteers to take each class to the different classrooms. So, Craig stayed home with Preston and I went to Colonial Day.

Here is Kaitlyn getting ready to go to the first station.

The students made their own clay pots. They learned pots were used to gather water or to cook food.

Kaitlyn is drawing hieroglyphics on the side of her pot with a toothpick. She's concentrating very hard.

The students made headbands at the next station. Each student got 8 feathers. They had to color the feathers in a pattern: AB, ABC, AABBCC, etc. Kaitlyn chose an ABC pattern.

The students learned about the games that were played long ago. Every child got a piece of yarn to play Cats In The Cradle. They all loved it!

Crafts was the next station where they made something called God's Eye. I thought it was a kind of odd name for a craft since nobody really knows what God's eye looks like. (hehe) It's just yarn wrapped around two popsicle sticks. The center of the craft is supposed to look like an eye. Kaitlyn had fun making it and wants to turn it into an ornament. She just might be making some for Christmas presents too. :)

The students actually got to make butter! It's just heavy whipping cream poured into a container with a marble in it. You just shake the container until it forms into a soft butter. All the kids loved to shake the container.

Kaitlyn is spreading her freshly made butter on her crackers. It actually tasted pretty good.

When that was over, Craig and Preston joined us for a Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria. It was nice to see so many parents joining their kids for this special meal. It also reminded me why I always pack Kaitlyn's lunch!

It was so nice to experience this with Kaitlyn and watch her react to everything she learned. All the 1st Grade teachers did a great job with the activities. These are memories that we'll always cherish.

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