Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Chloe

Meet Chloe Brown. She is an adorable, loving 3 yr old girl. She loves her family, loves her church family, loves Barney, and most importantly loves God. I met Chloe's parents and older sister before she was born. We all attended church together. Then, God sent the family to worship with another church after Chloe was born.

At 6 mos old, Chloe was diagnosed with torticollis. Torticollis literally means "twisted neck". Five months later, Chloe was diagnosed with leukemia. She underwent chemo and radiation and had so, so much done to her poor little body. As a parent, I couldn't even begin to imagine seeing my child suffer that way.

Eddie and Rhonda Brown are Chloe's parents. Bailey is her big sister. They are nothing but 100% supportive and loving towards Chloe. The things they have sacrificed and gone through is unbelievable. Yet, through it all, they put God first. They have all of their faith in the Great Physician.

Chloe's treatment worked and her leukemia went into remission. Praise God!!! There was so much hope that she could live the rest of her life without having to suffer that way again.

Well, at least that's what everyone prayed.

Chloe was recently diagnosed with leukemia again. A second time. A recurring nightmare.

In honor of Chloe and her battle with leukemia, Nov. 5, 2010 is Wear Orange for Chloe Day! Of course, we were going to participate to show support to our little friend.

Craig didn't have an orange tie or shirt to wear to work. So, I got out my orange ribbon and made him something to pin to his shirt.

Kaitlyn took this picture of me. I'm also wearing an orange ribbon.

Preston is wearing his new orange shirt. Kaitlyn wanted to wear her Spirit Day shirt to school, but I made her a hair tye with orange and green ribbons.

The Brown family still has faith. They still believe in the Great Physician. Rhonda has kept us updated as Chloe just finished her second round of treatment. We're believing for great miracles.
So you've met Chloe.
Now pray for Chloe.

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