Friday, November 26, 2010


Two holidays in one. That's the way the Kelley's do it. Every Thanksgiving, all the Kelley's gather at Mom and Dad Kelley's house. Kim (#1 Kelley) and her kids come from California and 3 of the Kelley boys (#2, #3, and #4) make the drive from somewhere in the metroplex. David (#5 Kelley) and Cindy live in Killeen so they don't have to drive very far either.

At Christmas, we all go our separate ways and spend time with the other sides of the family. It saves us from any arguments about where to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since we are together for just this one holiday, we do all our Christmas gifts at the same time. Thus, Thanks-Christmas-Giving is born!

When we arrived, there were little craft projects awaiting the younger kids.

Somehow Craig (#4) got talked into carving the turkey.

The Kelley's have a fondness for unique items on their heads. On the left is Paul (#3) wearing reindeer antlers with a turkey sitting in the middle. Kim (#1) has light-up antlers. Then there is Warren (#2) and his daughter Ashley with their elf hats. Their incredible annoying and LOUD elf hats! The hats played music and danced around while on their heads. It was cute at first.

Then, they let Preston wear one who thought it was the best thing ever! He kept playing it over and over until we had to take it away.

The desserts-yummy! We had different types of Amish Friendship Bread, sweet potato pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, pumpkin cheesecake, and fudge.

Kim (#1) made this cute sign next to a bowl of Tums. It says "For those who have indulged (or plan to...), Tums is there!"

It's Thanksgiving!

Time for dessert.

No, I don't see the candy canes hanging from the giant holes in your ears!

This year we decided to do a White Elephant Gift Exchange. All gifts needed to be items we already had in our home (ahem, Ashley!). There were some funny gifts: leftover graduation announcements, lantern, sock monkey, Olive Garden bread basket (don't ask), the book Hamlet. It was a lot of fun.
Dad is checking out his white elephant gift. He got 3 boxes of outdoor christmas lights.

Then, it was time to do our Christmas gift exchange. Craig (aka #4 aka Santa) passed out all the gifts and we took turns opening them. Preston is buried in his gifts.

Dad and Tyler are patiently waiting for their turns.

Now, it's Dad's turn!

Cindy, David (#5) and the kids got the older kids Snuggies and the little kids hooded towels. Cindy stitched all their names on the bottom. They looked great!

As the evening started to wind down, the adults played games and Craig played Just Dance 2 on the Wii with Hayley. He was getting his groove on to "Womanizer".

It was a very fun day. We were missing our soldier David (#5) who is still overseas. We hope we can all be together next year.
(By the way, this year I labeled our names on the gift tags as #4 Kelley's. Since 4 out of 5 kids and their families have the last name of Kelley, I just used the birth order number to label everything. That's why all the Kelley kids have a number next to their name. I think I'll use it from now on.)

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