Saturday, October 8, 2011

The State Fair of Texas

Craig received free tickets to the State Fair through his work. The kids had a half day of school yesterday, so off we went.

There were metal states on the ground and we found Texas. Craig told Preston and Kaitlyn to go stand where they thought we lived. It seems like they think we don't live in the same place. Ha!

One of the big draws at the State Fair is the big Texas/OU game. Craig is a huge Longhorns fan (I went to UTEP so I'm a Miners fan-Go Miners!) and happily posed by the team's semi.

We saw a couple shows: Amazing Dobermans and the BMX Stunt Show.

Here is the mascot of the State Fair, Big Tex. At regular intervals, he talks to the crowd.

Here are the police on horseback!

We also got to watch the Starlight Parade.

Our favorite part is always the auto show. The kids loved sitting in the different cars.

We got our picture taken courtesy of Chrysler.

This is a truck that had scenes from 9/11 painted on the sides.

Yes, this is a pool table.

There was also some interesting people watching. You've heard of the site People of Walmart. Well, there needs to be a site called People of State Fairs! These pics are blurry because I had to take them quickly so I wouldn't be caught. lol

There's a guy with green on his head. It's a light-up mohawk. His friend had a pink flamingo hat.

See the red on the girls heads walking away? It's actually their bright pink hair. And no, they weren't wigs. As I was taking the pic, this guy walks by with a green, stocking hat on! Perfect timing!!!

Since this is Texas, it's still pretty warm here and everyone wanted to show off their skin.

As we were leaving the auto show, we made it outside just in time to see the Illumination Sensation. It's a choreographed water and fireworks show.

The big concert last night was JB and Moonshine Band. Never heard of them, but people seemed to enjoy them.

It's all fun n games until someone gets hurt. Preston got in a fight with a tree. He was running backwards, turned his head, and the tree attacked him. I took him to the bathroom to clean off his face. He has a small cut above his eye and scrapes all around. Of course, the way he was crying, you'd think is eye was falling out. Have you ever had one of those moments where your child decides to let everyone know their pain and cry at the top of their lungs in a public place? You know they are just going overboard with their crying, but nothing will calm them down. Then everyone around thinks you, the parent, are just tormenting the child beyond belief but yet they don't offer to help and stare instead. Yeah, it was one of those moments.

But after a good night's sleep, Preston woke up in a great mood, with evidence of the tree fight still on his face. :( I'm so glad his school pictures were last week!

So, we didn't eat any fried food. There was plenty of it: fried bubble gum, fried lemonade, fried chicken skin, etc. But we just couldn't bring ourself to eat any of it. It didn't look very appetizing. We just had cotton candy and ice cream.

It was a fun night, but we realized it's not something we would want to do every year. Every few years of the State Fair is about all we can take. Plus, I don't think Preston wants to come home scraped up again.

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  1. Wal mart customers at the fair. Thats just not allowed.


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